Utah State Elementary Championship of 2016

Hundreds of children showed up at the Union building at the University of Utah, on Saturday, March 12, 2016, ready to play chess. It was the annual Utah state elementary school championship.

chess event for children in Utah in 2016

Kids and their parents gathered together early in the morning at the University of Utah

First Graders in the Final Round

The following shows the sixth-round pairings for the first grade students, with their scores from the first five rounds and their national ratings (or “unr” for those not yet unrated):

Olivia Jiang (4.5; unr) versus Daniel Luo (4.5; unr)

Zhuocheng Wang (4.0; 752) versus Tyson Tanner (4.0; unr)

Corbin Price (4.0; unr) vs Randy Huo (4.0; 637)

Scotty Luker (3.5; unr) vs Kayle Elzinga (4.0; unr)

Daniel Wang (3.0; 1037) versus Wenray Zhang (3.5; 425)

Ziyao Qu (3.5; unrated) vs Jaxo Williams (3.5; unrated)

Ryan Apgood (3.0; 353) vs Sarah Leng (3.0; unr)

Carso [Carson?] Sprouse (3.0; unr) vs Brian Li (3.0; unr)

Cameron Giles (3.0; unr) vs Seb McDonough (3.0; unr)

Paige Proctor (2.5; unrated) vs Jialai Ying (3.0 unrated)

Sven Larson (3.0; unr) versus Andy Zhou (3.0; unr)

G Wynn (2.5; unr) vs Thomas Hall (2.5; unr)

Seth Horsley (2.5; unr) versus Leonard Terres (2.5; unr)

Dylan Covili (2.5; unrated) vs Caleb Wallis (2.5; unr)

Becket Turner (2.0; unr) vs Andrew White (2.0; 103)

Roman Turner (2.0; unr) vs Josep [Joseph?] Almeida (2.0; unr)

Claire Hardy (2.0; unr) vs Willia [William?] Pachev (2.0; unr)

Mekhi Garcia (2.0; unrated) vs Eli Slovik (2.0; unr)

Brooki Poulsen (1.5; unr) vs Maso Hulsberg (2.0; unr)

Neil Raman (2.0; unr) versus Ethan Wadley (2.0; unr)

Sophie Wu (1.5; unrated) vs Max Mecham (1.5; unr)

Clara Lewis (1.0; unr) vs Grant Cowart (1.5; unr)

Celes Jenkins (1.5; unr) vs Jonah Traum (1.5; unr)

Ikjune Choi (1.0; unrated) vs Ashton Oaks (1.0; unr)

Aidan Slovik (1.0; unr) versus Briel Hartley (0.5; unr)


child at a chess set in Salt Lake City

One of the many young chess players waiting for the tournament to begin


Schools and Clubs in the Tournament

The following twenty-three schools and chess clubs were represented by first-grade students (by code; not necessarily a complete listing):


BEACON (probably Beacon Heights, Salt Lake City)



DILWTH (maybe Dilworth Elementary, SLC)

DVINCI (maybe Davinci Academy in Ogden)



MORNIN (probably Morningside in Holladay)


PKSDE (probably Parkside, City of Murray)



REAGAN (Reagan Academy, Springville, Utah)











awards given at the chess tournament

Hundreds of medals and trophies were awarded in this chess tournament


Chess Tournament for Kids in Utah

[Parings for] sixth-grade division of the competition . . . here are the pairings for the sixth-round final games (scores through the first five rounds and pre-event ratings . . .)

University of Utah hosts a chess tournament

Grandmaster Kayden Troff won the tournament, in the open section . . . 14-0 . . . four points behind the young grandmaster [was] Bryan Leaño at 10-4.

Chess Club Tournaments

Details on the Pittsburgh Chess Club championship of 2004

Best chess book for beginners

. . . A much better choice would be Beat That Kid in Chess, which is written for the early beginner who knows how to play but does not yet know much about winning in an actual competition.


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